Harry Houdini

harry houdini
harry houdini

vernacular photographs
"I am a great admirer of mystery and magic. Look at this life - all mystery and magic."
- Harry Houdini
the magic and mystery still hang in the air, much like the man himself.
The illusion, the technique, the mastery behind the curtain - all of these elements remain, pieces of the smokescreen puzzle left behind by one of the greatest magicians the world has ever known.
harry houdini
snapshots offer what feel like stolen glimpses into personal moments.
From slide to slide, his expression remains the same - a furrowed brow. His thoughts not entirely centered in the moment, but fixed on a distant point. On something just outside the periphery. His next journey into the impossible; the upcoming challenge, his mind working, formulating the route from entrapment to escape.
harry houdini
Modern Archival Pigment Prints
Digitally Mastered from the Original Glass Negatives
From the Personal Collection of Harry Houdini
Previously Unpublished
harry houdini
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