Al Díaz - "Collaborations 2015 - Present"

Work in Cahoots with: Dave Navarro/lifeafterdeath, Jilly Ballistic, Danny Minnick, Chad Muska, Sien Ide, Johnny Davis, Matthew Aaron, Adrian Wilson and Mariah Fox  

Showing: September 9th - October 1st
VanDerPlas Gallery, LES, NYC 

Al Díaz Collection

"Nowhere Fast"

New Works by: Tom Dupere and Mike Freeman
Opening: August 31st, 5pm-8pm 
Location: Noewhere Fast, Beverly, MA

Tom Dupere Collection

"Facial Recognition"

New Portrait Works by: Bob Packert, Danielle Coenen, Markus Sebastiano and Percy Fortini-Wright
Showing: June 29th - August 31st
Location: Gallery 95 at Porter Mill, Beverly, MA

Facial Recognition Collection

Underground Mural Project

Featuring Work by: Dana Woulfe, Greg Lamarche, Indie184, Marka27, Matthew Zaremba & Silvia Lopez Chavez
Location: Underground Ink Block, Boston

Underground Mural Collection

IMAGINE - "Mindful Mandalas"

Showing: Now - October 13th
Location: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA

Imagine Collection