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"Monster Mash"

House of Roulx is pleased to announce our collaboration with revered French surf/snow/skateboard culture artist Lucas Beaufort. We are offering exclusive prints of three of Beaufort's whimsical characters. 

Meet Spoby, Bulus and Bulbos.

And if you don't know him already, please meet Lucas:

"My name is Lucas Beaufort, I’am a 33 years old French dreamer. I was born in Cannes and still live around. When I was a kid I used to have a lot of nightmares. It can seem weird but all the monsters I was afraid of now became my friends. I’m a real skate rat. I love to spend time watching stuff on internet. There are so many things today, not easy to stay on top. I’m pretty nostalgic of the 90s. When a skate video came out it was crazy. I guess that what emerges from my art comes from the 90s."
- Lucas

Check the link below for an in-depth interview with Lucas courtesy of our good friends at Steez Magazine: