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In the beginning...

A man named, Won Ton "Animal" Chin bolted skates onto a two-by-four and became the first skater. He had fun. Others followed and a transportation revolution was born. But one day dark forces began to invade the skate world. Animal Chin was forced to go underground…

Until NOW!

28 years ago, skateboard company Powell Peralta released the legendary film "The Search for Animal Chin." It starred The Bones Brigade, which included skateboarding greats Tony Hawk, Steve Caballero, Tommy Guerrero, Lance Mountain, Mike McGill, Rodney Mullen, and Mike Vallely.

Resin artist Killer Bootlegs has handcrafted the first ever 3¾" action figure of the legendary old and wise skater complete with hat and board.

But those figures are long gone so the search continues…but don't lose out on the prints.

Expertly crafted by Peter Goral of Killer Bootlegs; precisely printed by House of Roulx on Moab Entrada Rag Bright 300 GMS archival paper. Hand-signed and numbered by Killer Bootleg artist Peter Goral in strict limited edition of 25.

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