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Brave Faces

Ryan Robidoux is the Rhode Island based artist and designer known as Evoker. His vast body of work ranges from large-scale murals to album covers to skateboard graphics.

The idea for this series and exhibit emerged during the first year of the artist's diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. Adjusting to living with a chronic illness as well as breaking the news to loved ones, he coped by donning a positive mental attitude. This new work represents the brave faces we put on in the hope that things will turn out okay. In addition, the artist created these images to leave viewers with a good feeling, even though we are all faced with our own difficulties.

House of Roulx is excited to offer the Brave Faces series. Three original works, acrylic on canvas, are still available: "Rodger Goodfello," "3 Shades of Happiness (a triptych)," and "Mosiac (a hexaptych)." In addition "Doubleface" and "Gnar Field Resurrection" are available as fine art prints on Moab Entrada Rag Bright 300 GMS archival paper, signed and numbered by Evoker in strictly limited editions of 25.

For additional information and to view the pieces click here.