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Spread Love. Spread Art.

In these unprecedented and uncertain times House of Roulx wants to take the time to thank our global family of artists, creatives and especially you, our dedicated collectors, patrons and followers.

Like the majority of the artists we represent, we are a self sustained, independent entity and rely on your continued support to, in turn, support our artists. We will continue to honor our normal release schedule and programming. All available items are in-house and will continue to ship worldwide unless that is no longer an option.

Our site offers an informative selection of blog posts that extends access to our artists through published interviews, media features, podcasts, exhibit listings and other content. In addition, our historical collection “The Archive,” serves as a reference resource featuring an ongoing assemblage of art history’s most iconic and eclectic names.

You can also support by following and engaging with the artists via social media especially in this time of public distancing. Many are using this as a great and safe means to personally connect, interact and share work, progress and general updates. It’s a collective effort and support in any form is appreciated and needed. We will get through this together.

Thank you again for everything.

Be Safe. Be Smart. Be Strong.

Spread Love. Spread Art.