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Derek Raymond: "HAPPY TO BE HERE" Solo Exhibition at Curation 250, Lowell, MA

Derek Raymond
Solo Exhibition


In continuation with his first solo exhibition at Curation 250 titled “I WANT TO LIVE,” Derek Raymond’s upcoming exhibition “HAPPY TO BE HERE” is a deeper exploration into reshaping the gaze, challenging our perception and reviving our connection with the spaces we inhabit. These works aim to unveil hidden narratives within the urban landscape and question the conventional notions of vandalism. An alchemist of perception, Derek offers all new works that transcend their initial context and emerge as powerful statements on the relationship between art and the surrounding world. Each piece stands as a testament to the indomitable human spirit that seeks to reclaim and redefine.
Channeling the rudimentary aesthetics of vandalism, advertising, and urban decay, this exhibition was curated with a focus on the ephemeral nature of street art as it parallels with the nature of ourselves. Combos of painting, wheatpasting, photography, sculpture, and collaging nod to vandalism-inspired motifs and their erasure and deterioration over time. The results are layered and textured compositions that offer an opportunity to reconsider the communication and role of art in the urban tapestry and its more profound implications.

Curation 250, a truly one of a kind space, is the newest contemporary art gallery in the greater Boston area. The owners, Frank and Ellen have a passion for showcasing artists ranging from the ultra kawaii to the urban graffiti writer. Located inside the ever popular Mill No 5, the rustic wood exposure from the old mill mixed with Curation 250's pop art vibe clashes yet binds together in the most compatible way. Inside you will find a colorful shop with local artists work, skate culture inspired clothing, outdoor art supplies as well as a fully stocked spray paint vending machine. The gallery holds monthly exhibits and artist receptions, while creating the perfect space for benefits, art installations, and release parties. 

Hours: Saturday and Sunday 11am til 5pm

Open by appointment contact

Located at 250 Jackson Street 5th Floor
Lowell, MA 01852