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TRAP IF "KING OF TRAPS" - Hand-Painted, Silk Screened Multiple - 18 x 22"

KING OF TRAPS  •  Original hand-painted aerosol background with additional screen printed illustration on Legion Stonehenge Paper, 250 GSM with hand-deckled edges  •  18 x 22 inches

Hand-painted and signed by artist TRAP IF

House of Roulx blind embossed stamping • Authentic Edition rubber stamp on verso • Letter of Authenticity



TRAP IF is one of the most significant writers in the history of New York City graffiti. His signature mark, a hybrid of the classic throw-up and straight letter usually filled with Rusto and outlined by Kilz, can be seen throughout the five boroughs of NYC - a feat that earns you the proverbial "all city" title.

TRAP IF has been writing graffiti ever since he was a kid, playfully tagging stuff in his neighborhood. In the 80s, as he became more ambitious, he started painting trains and eventually found his niche as a full-fledged street bomber. Still active today, he paints in streaks. Active streaks are commonplace for many dedicated writers and serve a dual-purpose: avoiding new heat and allowing any existing heat to simmer. And since Trap's never seen handcuffs during his 30-year career, it's clear that this method has worked to his advantage.


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