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Michael Caines "Chat de Marseille" - Original Oil on Canvas

Chat de Marseille • Original Oil on framed canvas • 18 x 24 x 1 inches

Verso is hand-signed and dated by artist Michael Caines

Letter of authenticity


"When I stumbled across a photo of a very self possessed looking tabby I thought 'that guy needs a cigarette.' I also thought the golden color of the filter would look really nice against his fur. Thus the smoking cat series was born!"

Michael Caines most recent exhibitions include 
Cat Art Show Los AngelesMammalia at Galerie Youn in Montreal, and Volta NYC with Katharine Mulherin, a solo art fair booth featured in the New York Times. Caines has been selected for a number of artist residencies, including the Santa Fe Art Institute and The Bemis Center. Past awards include fellowships from the Avery and Chalmers foundations. His book, Revelations & Dog, a graphic version of the Book of Revelations, was released in March, 2010. A ten year survey of his animal and human themed work, Wild/Tame, was exhibited at the Art Gallery of Peterborough in Canada in 2011.

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 Original Oil on Framed Canvas

Verso Hand-Signed and Dated by Michael Caines