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Markus Sebastiano "She II" - Original Mixed Media Work - 32 x 32 x 1.5"

She II • Original mixed media work: Vintage playboy magazine, spray paint, acrylic, eco-solvent inked translucent, layered resin on aluminum • 32 x 32 x 1.5 inches

Letter of Authenticity

Markus Sebastiano

Markus Sebastiano is a Boston based mixed media artist who specializes in exclusive large-scale art installations in restaurants, hotels, commercial spaces, and homes. His work has been said to “bring the room to life”; creating desired ambiance leaving you with an interpretational feeling you won't forget.

Working with Interior designers, business/home owners, and celebrities from concept to a fully customized creation, each piece of artwork is designed specifically for their space as a collaboration with Markus' creative vision. Markus’ mediums /application can vary depending on what deems appropriate and suitable for the space.

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Original Mixed Media Work: Vintage Playboy Magazine, Spray Paint, Acrylic, Eco-Solvent Inked Translucent, Layered Resin on Aluminum