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Mossy Giant "The Herbalist" - Hand-Embellished Edition of 15 - 18 x 24"

The Herbalist • Autographed archival pigment print • Additional ink embellishments and unique character remarque on Moab Entrada Rag Bright 290 GSM archival paper • 18 x 24 inches 

Hand-embellished, signed and numbered by artist Mossy Giant in a limited embellished edition of 15

House of Roulx blind embossed stamping • Authentic Edition rubber stamp on verso • Letter of Authenticity

Mossy Giant


Mossy Giant is an Amsterdam based illustrator and graphic designer who practices his craft in a small studio close to the center of the city. His almost neurotic fascination with detailed line-work and stories within stories are very prevalent in his work. He wants the onlooker to be captivated by the piece and have the spectator discover new elements within the work time and time again. Nature, man, beast and machine are the recurring themes that are at play within the creations. Wizard-like hippies, jolly bears and archaic transportation devices (read Hippie Vans) are subjects that the giant loves to put on paper.

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