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Recycled Propaganda "Moral Assault" - Original Aerosol Painting on Stop Sign

Moral Assault • Original aerosol painting on found stop sign • 24 x 24 inches

Verso is hand-signed and titled by artist Recycled Propaganda 

Letter of Authenticity


If a picture says 1,000 words, its potency for change is surely 1,000 times stronger. The power of the visual is compelling as well as ambiguous, hence is a potent catalyst for encouraging self-directed critical thought. Recycled Propaganda aims to subvert the black and white – fear and fact based rhetoric that we are so frequently plagued with, into a more eccentric and equivocal one that more accurately reflects our reality.

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Original Aerosol Painting on Found Stop Sign

Verso is Hand-Signed and Titled by Artist Recycled Propaganda