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Moon Patrol - Artist Trading Cards - 4-Pack Bundle


Moon Patrol
Artist Trading Cards 4-Pack Bundle
6 Base Cards & 1 Hit Per Pack

Hits Include: Limited Edition Artist Autographed Cards, ‘Nested Heads’ Die Cut Cards & ‘Hypothetical Movie Posters’ Cards



MOON PATROL began as professor Mattias D’Cunningham, an Egyptologist at Yale University. After a blow to the head suffered when a bowling ball fell from a closet shelf, the professor developed amnesia and thereafter believed he was the criminal artist MOON PATROL. Under this delusion, he sought to disrupt the gallery world and employ the collage method as a means to tap into the substrate of reality. He was, however, defeated by another blow to the head, suffered when the same bowling ball struck him a second time. This pattern would recur subsequent times. His beleaguered wife and colleagues could only give him adequate space to act out his delusion until he inevitably suffered another blow to the head, which would return him to his original self. He ultimately died during a rooftop battle with the French vigilante Renifleur De Colle during one of his unfortunate fugue states.


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