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Gosha Levochkin "Keep Walking It Will Get Better" - Original Painting - 22 x 31"

Keep Walking It Gets Better • Original watercolor and gouache painting on watercolor paper with top and bottom deckled edges • 22 x 31 inches

Hand-signed and dated by artist Gosha Levochkin 

Letter of Authenticity

Gosha Levochkin

Gosha Levochkin is a New York City based artist who paints in watercolor and gouache. “Using these mediums gives me the freedom to work with mistakes. I love the transparent feel that watercolor gives me and I love the opacity that gouache provides, over all making my work look like animation.” Gosha’s work is inspired by streetscapes and creating “the world of” based on his experiences as an animator and growing up in Los Angeles and Moscow. Gosha has shown at New Image, Cave, Soze, Holdup, Mary Karnowsky Galleries and with The Audience and Giant Robot. From 2013 to 2016, Gosha was half of design collective DevnGosha with Devin Liston. Their work was based in equal parts fine art and street art and was featured in Issuu, Hi Fructose, Milk Made and many more.

Gosha has been commissioned by the following clients for both fine art and commercial pieces: Oliver Luckett, Mike epps, Skrillex, Do Art Foundation, Steve Aoki, Converse, Live Fast Magazine, Do Lab Coachella, The Participation Agency, Sour Patch Kids, Claude Von Stroke, Zebra Katz, A24 Films, Kimbra, Jenny Lewis, Netflix, Daredevil, Aids Foundation, and Liam Horne.


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Hand-Signed and Dated by Artist Gosha Levochkin 

Original Watercolor and Gouache Painting on Watercolor Paper with Top and Bottom Deckled Edges