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Joan Miró - Signed 18 Lithograph Folio of Yvan Goll Poems, 1967

Joan Miró

One of 25 hors de commerce (“not for sale”) impressions signed by Miró in pencil.

Limited edition collection of Yvan Goll poems (in French): "Bouquet de rêves pour Neila."

Goll was a French-German poet who was bilingual and wrote in both French and German. He had close ties to both German expressionism and to French surrealism.

18 color lithographs by Miro including four full-page and 3 double-page on velin de rives. Folio: contents loose as issued in printed wrappers; glassine dust jacket; white cloth chemise and slipcase.

Finished size: 10 x 13 inches

Exhibition Copy

Published by Fernand Mourlot in Paris, 1967

Near fine condition

House of Roulx Letter of Authenticity

Joan Miró

"I try to apply colors like words that shape poems, like notes that shape music."

Persistent experimentation and a lifelong flirtation with non-objectivity stamped Joan Miró's magnificent mark on the art world. His canvas represented a sandbox for his subconscious mind, out from which sprang a vigorous lust for the childlike and a manifestation of his Catalan pride. His signature pictorial signs, biomorphic forms, geometric shapes, and abstracted and semi-abstracted objects helped inform a relentlessly original oeuvre in multiple media from ceramics and engravings to large bronze installations. His radically, inventive style was a critical contributor to the early-20th-century avant-garde's journey toward increasing and then complete abstraction. Although Miró has been associated with early Surrealism and has had an influence on Abstract Expressionists and Color Field painters, he remains one of modern art's greatest mavericks with a visual vocabulary unmistakably his own.

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