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H.R. (of Bad Brains) - "Radiance" by Lori Carns Hudson - Limited Edition, Archival Print

Radiance • Autographed archival pigment print • Printed on Hahnemühle Fine Art Baryta 325 GSM fiber paper • 12 x 16 inches

Hand-signed, titled and numbered by Lori Carns Hudson as well as subject/husband H.R. in a limited edition of 25 • Example: # /25

House of Roulx blind embossed stamping • Authentic Edition rubber stamp on verso • Letter of authenticity


"H.R. is most well known for his stage presence earlier in his career: passion, high energy, back flips. As he got older, his eccentricities began to stand out. But I wanted to capture HR's true essence in this painting: wise, kind, a man on a higher plane. He has worked hard to get there. We are both driven by our desire to make the world a better place. We're an Aquarius and a Sagittarius in a nonconformist marriage. Love rules."

Lori Carns Hudson is an artist and herbalist, working mainly in photography and mixed-media painting.  She has ties to DC punk, reggae, and skateboard cultures--most notably in her marriage to H.R., revered vocalist of the bands Bad Brains and Human Rights.

As a child, Lori developed a deep respect for Nature, foraging for wild mushrooms and roots with her grandfather. When indoors, she spent her time drawing, and made her first sketchbook at age seven.  "I have always been a spiritual and introspective person: observing, listening, and considering how I fit into the world around me. To me, art is therapeutic more than anything else. Turning pain and suffering--and love and joy--into something beautiful that can be shared is deeply fulfilling." Lori's work is largely autobiographical, combining portraiture with elements of the natural world.


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Hand-signed, titled and numbered by
Lori Carns Hudson and H.R.

Limited Edition of 25

Hahnemühle Fine Art Baryta 325 GSM Fiber Paper