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Emerald Barkley "Displacement" - Hand-Embellished Edition of 15 - 14 x 17"

Displacement • Autographed archival pigment print • Additional unique metallic and ink embellishments on Moab Entrada Rag Bright 290 GSM archival paper • 14 x 17 inches

Hand-embellished, signed and numbered by artist Emerald Barkley in a limited embellished edition of 15

House of Roulx blind embossed stamping • Authentic Edition rubber stamp on verso • Letter of Authenticity

Emerald Barkley

Emerald Barkley is an artist based in the California foothills who uses watercolor as her main vehicle to explore ideas about identity, morality, and human behavior.

"I am endlessly fascinated by human behavior and emotion and how our what happens in our childhood establishes our lens and informs our worldview. I am in the process of creating a language to be able to talk about these things through the images that I am drawn to again and again; namely bones, animals, flowers, and miscellaneous viscera. These symbols carry a great deal of meaning for me, and I like to weave them together to create a narrative in such a way that is very similar to a tarot reading." 

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Hand-Embellished, Signed and Numbered by Emerald Barkley

Limited Embellished Edition of 15

Additional Unique Metallic and Ink Embellishments on Moab Entrada Rag Bright 290 GSM Archival Paper