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Dave Navarro x Hektad x JCBKNYC "Innocence Found" - 5 x Die Cut Sticker Pack - 3 x 7"

Innocence Found

5 x die cut sticker slap pack • 3 x 7 inches each

"Innocence Found" by Dave Navarro, Hektad and JCBKNYC

"The girl in the red coat, originally from Schindler's List, has always affected me. Lost innocence in a scary environment; alone, wandering, unknowingly at death's door. I identified with the fear and isolation and we (Hektad, JCBKNYC and I) decided to bring her into the modern world as a reminder to treat each other with kindness as we were all born with this purity.  Appropriated from the film, she is placed as a symbol that transcends her role and speaks to everyone wandering around and afraid in todays scary world of division: ‘Hey guys, we tried this division thing before, it didn't work then and it won't work now!’"

- Dave Navarro


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