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Daniel Loveridge "57 Great Jones (Jean-Michel Basquiat's Studio)" - Original Painting on Canvas - 18 x 24"

57 Great Jones (Jean-Michel Basquiat's Studio)  •  Original acrylic painting on stretched canvas  •  18 x 24 inches

Letter of Authenticity

Daniel Loveridge


Daniel Loveridge’s gritty canvases seamlessly capture the raw and unrepentant beauty of urban decay. Working in predominantly acrylic and ink on canvas, Loveridge paints en plein air, as he has for his sixteen-year long career. Dilapidated interior scenes comprise the majority of the artist’s oeuvre. Abandoned buildings rife with decomposing tin and concrete walls are intensified by brilliantly pigmented patches of graffiti throughout his compositions. Earthy tones of terra cotta, brown and gray contrast with nearly luminous, artificial shades of pink, blue and violet that intimate humanity’s mark on Loveridge’s concrete world. Nonetheless, the impact of nature remains a central component of the artist’s works as cracked windows and steel doors placed in the center of his compositions reveal overgrowths of trees, vines, and shrubs. Nature and architecture are at once harmoniously symbiotic and combative within Loveridge’s paintings.

A graduate of Stony Brook University in New York, Loveridge began his painting career at the age of fifteen. When asked about his work, he explains: “I aim to capture urban decay: how nature overcomes man-made structures and how graffiti artists give life to dying buildings while also contributing to erosion.” The artist currently resides in New York.

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