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d.w. krsna "Dancing Cat" - 1.5" Enamel Pin, Limited Edition of 100

Dancing Cat • 1.5 inch soft enamel pin 

Branded and numbered in laser etching on verso in a limited edition of 100

* Jason will be donating 100% of his profits to Little Wanderers, an all-volunteer group that rescues the neediest cats in the most dangerous and underserved areas of New York City. Through Trap/Neuter/Return (TNR) and rescue, Little Wanderers works tirelessly to reduce the cat overpopulation primarily in the Bronx and Northern Manhattan. For more information please visit and @littlewanderersnyc on Instagram

d.w. krsna

"d.w. krsna is the neighborhood cat and the cat likes the high spots. Things tend to run a little longer if they’re just out of reach. I grew up with cats in the home and I enjoy having them around. In d.w. krsna’s latest incarnation he’s been ear tipped, if you noticed that. I’ve been actively engaging in cat rescue since my earliest days. Thanks to my Mom, I was raised vegetarian, but I have also been vegan for a number of years. I think that is important."

New York native Jason Mamarella, best known for his disturbing yet lovable d.w. krsna character, has a long history of sacrificing for his art. Since his start in the late 1980s, his work has straddled the line between urban and fine art. His creations, well informed by the do-it-yourself punk ethos, are at once vibrant, ethereal, and quietly subversive. Mr. Mamarella’s studio work, introspective in nature, is rich in the symbolism inherent in the ambiguity of meaning found in the human experience.

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1.5 Inch Soft Enamel Pin 

Branded and Numbered in Laser Etching on Verso in a Limited Edition of 100

* Jason will be donating 100% of his profits to Little Wanderers, NYC