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Defectivepudding "Countless" - Original Graphite Illustration - 6 x 7"

Countless • Original colored graphite illustration on paper • 6 x 7 inches

Hand-signed by artist Defectivepudding

Letter of Authenticity


Christa Dippel is a freelance artist, illustrator and crafter based in New Jersey. Her art tends to portray a sweet little something that's just a bit off, hence the alias: Defectivepudding.

“I indulge in countless hours of cartoons - the classics along with some new stuff. I also enjoy reading, especially vintage children's books, and like to spend time thinking up my own stories and characters to tinker around with in my little head. These hobbies serve as inspiration in my creative process, and help me to ground myself, whether that self is feeling like a kid in a candy store, or a wise old woman who's outlived her time.”

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Hand-Signed by Defectivepudding

Original Colored Graphite Illustration on Paper