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H.R. & Lori Carns Hudson "H.R. (of Bad Brains)" - Sticker & Button Set

H.R. • Die cut vinyl sticker and 2 classic button pin set


With heavy hearts we share somber news regarding one of our most recent collaborators, H.R., lead vocalist from the iconic punk/reggae bands Bad Brains and Human Rights. In a statement from H.R.’s wife Lori Carns Hudson, "He has been diagnosed with a rare type of headache called SUNCT, a trigeminal neuralgia that is similar to cluster headaches.” It is unsettling to imagine a man, so known for his positive spirit and high energy, to be suffering so severely. Our thoughts go out to H.R. and Lori as they strive to restore his health and well being.

Follow the link below to learn more details about the diagnosis.

On behalf of H.R., Lori and Kate Gammell, House of Roulx extends our deepest gratitude for all your compassion, well wishes and support. H.R. needs your PMA more now than ever. Thank you.

I and I Will Survive!


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Die cut vinyl sticker and 2 button pin set