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Ash Almonte "Feel the Thunder" - Original Acrylic Painting on Paper - 18 x 24"

Feel the Thunder Original acrylic painting on paper • 18 x 24 inches

Hand-signed on face, (with additional signature, title and date on verso) by artist Ash Almonte 

Letter of Authenticity

Ash Almonte 

"It is my mission to create works of art that are Real, Raw, & filled with Passion & Love, inspiring others one painting at a time."

Ash Almonte is a contemporary abstract painter, born in Abilene, Texas in 1983. Fast gaining nationwide attention for her unique and fresh style, Almonte uses references to abstract expressionism. In her eyes its more about the execution than the final product.

She is primarily inspired by beautiful color, incredible music, and outrageous fashion. Ash is also moved by the process of change, individuals who are doing kind things in the world for others, and hearing about miraculous stories of the past and present.


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 Original Acrylic Painting on Paper