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Mike Giant "Kenneth Ray Lawson" - Original Ink Illustration w Vintage Mugshot - 18 x 24

Kenneth Ray Lawson • Original ink illustration with affixed vintage mugshot on Carson drawing paper • 18 x 24 inches

Hand-signed, titled and dated by artist Mike Giant • Artist's thumbprint • Vintage mugshot

Letter of authenticity


The goal of this series was to utilize House of Roulx's own library of resources to produce an all new series of original work. Frequent collaborator Mike Giant returns to his tattoo roots drawing inspiration from House of Roulx's archive of vintage crime related ephemera. Mike hand selected vintage mugshot pieces based on the detail description of personal tattoos and illustrated his interpretation of each criminal's identifying ink. The results are original works of permanent ink on paper with the vintage source material affixed; the perfect blend of Americana criminal romanticism, traditional skin art and contemporary symbolism.   

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LipPrint 3 LipPrint 4

Hand-signed, Titled and Dated by Mike Giant • Artist's Thumbprint

Original Ink Illustration with Affixed Vintage Mugshot on Carson Drawing Paper