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Adrian Cox x TOOL - Exclusive Artist Edition of 23 - 18 x 24"

Limited to 23 copies (Numbered out of the full edition of 450) • Please limit one print per household • Any orders over one will be cancelled • Due to the extreme demand and limited nature we are not accepting requests, reserves or pre-orders • All sales are final and no returns, replacements or exchanges will be available

2022 TOOL Concert Poster: Exclusive Artist Edition  •  
Official commissioned concert artwork; T-Mobile Arena: Las Vegas, NV, January 22nd, 2022 • Printed on Rainbow Foil board
 • 18 x 24 inches

Hand-signed by TOOL: Maynard James Keenan, Adam Jones, Danny Carey and Justin Chancellor 
Additionally signed by artist Adrian Cox

Official TOOL Authentication Hologram • Letter of Authenticity

Adrian Cox

Adrian Cox is a painter, scholar, philosopher and one compelling teller of stories. His paintings depict a vast and secret world of peaceful ‘border creatures’ which exist within a serene and tranquil ecosystem, known as the Borderlands. Cox’s body of work represents a mythology, a mythology that he has thoughtfully, meticulously and incrementally evolved. Like so many mythologies, though the central characters may not be human, the message is nevertheless ultimately a human one: an allegory for who we are, what we came from and what could perhaps one day be.

- Luke Barrett

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