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Adrian Cox "Spirit Gardener Searching for New Horizons" - Rainbow Foil Print, Limited Edition of 200 - 18 x 24"

Spirit Gardener Searching for New Horizons • 12 pt Rainbow Foil board with gloss lamination • 18 x 24 inches

Hand-signed and numbered by artist Adrian Cox in a limited edition of 200

House of Roulx blind embossed stamping • Letter of Authenticity

Adrian Cox

"This piece features Spirit Gardener, who is one of protagonists in the mythological story that connects my paintings. I first depicted this character in 'The Birth of Spirit Gardener,' a painting that was used as a concert poster for the band  TOOL  in March of 2020. In the narrative of my work, Spirit Gardener was once a rainbow-hued Spectral Witness. However, when this character began to form connections to the natural world around them, they gained a new body and became a Border Creature. In 'Spirit Gardener Searching for New Horizons,' I imply that this character's journey allows them to see things that might otherwise be hidden. For me, this image is an expression of hope, of seeing beyond our immediate reality to brighter horizons that might come to be."

Adrian Cox is a painter, scholar, philosopher and one compelling teller of stories. His paintings depict a vast and secret world of peaceful ‘border creatures’ which exist within a serene and tranquil ecosystem, known as the Borderlands. Cox’s body of work represents a mythology, a mythology that he has thoughtfully, meticulously and incrementally evolved. Like so many mythologies, though the central characters may not be human, the message is nevertheless ultimately a human one: an allegory for who we are, what we came from and what could perhaps one day be.

- Luke Barrett

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