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Therése Rosier "Alice Cooper" - Original Watercolor Painting

Alice Cooper • Original watercolor painting • 16.5 x 22.75 inches

Hand-signed by artist Therése Rosier

Letter of authenticity


Therése Rosier is a painter, portraitist and pin-up artist from Prague where she has been exhibiting her expressive work since 2006. She doubles as a pin-up/alternative/fetish model and is a leading proponent of the genre in her native Czech Republic.

In Therése's own words "My images are imbued with femininity, sensuality, sexual tension and are known as bewitching images of the soul. In parts we find unique and original connection between art and passion for vintage style."

Alice Cooper is considered by music journalists and peers alike to be "The Godfather of Shock Rock." He has drawn equally from horror films, vaudeville and garage rock to pioneer a macabre and theatrical brand that is perfect subject for the deep, dark strokes depicted in Rosier's signature style.

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