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Terry Urban "Hell or High Water II" - Skate Deck & Print Bundle, Limited Edition of 75

Hell or High Water II
Skate Deck and Print Bundle
Limited Edition of 75

Skate Deck
Signed & Numbered
(Size: 8" -
Tops Come in Alternative Colors and Ship at Random)

8 x 10" Archival Print Signed and Numbered

4" Die Cut Sticker

Letter of Authenticity

Terry Urban

Urban's style is most influenced by Abstract expressionism and Neo-expressionism, where he is not interested in an accurate execution of his subjects, but rather in exploring the possibilities of abstraction. In his early years, Urban was interested in art and began to paint graffiti. However, his music career as a DJ began to flourish and his painting took a back seat. Musically, Urban's DJ career has spanned over a decade but he was looking for a more creative outlet in life. In 2015, with advice from a close friend, Urban began to paint once again. Over the past years, Urban has completely immersed himself into his work and has exhibited his paintings in many solo shows.