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Pablo Picasso - 1970 Lithograph - 12.675 x 9.75"

• Lithograph in colors on hand-made woven Arches rag paper

• Unsigned

• 12.675 x 9.75 inches

• Limited Edition, 1970

A lithographic re-creation after an original image drawn by Picasso in 1964, pencil numbered and dated in the plate. In 1970, the image became part of the portfolio of lithographs called "Le Gout du Bonheur (Taste of Happiness)" - A Suite of Happy, Playful and Erotic Drawings

Printed in the Guenther Dietz studios, Munich, under the personal supervision of Picasso and published by Editions Cercle d'Art and Harry Abrams

Near fine condition

House of Roulx Letter of Authenticity

Pablo Picasso - "Le Gout du Bonheur," 1970

Pablo Picasso, who was convinced by the quality the printshop of Günther Dietz supplied, made three sketchbooks from 1964 available for this portfolio. Dietz reproduced the drawings in a specially developed printing method with the respective authentic color and paint materials like pencil, coal, ink and oil chalk and thus created lithographs of a remarkable color fastness and attention to detail. 

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