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Jak Nola "Sisou6" - Original Mixed Media Illustration - 11.5 x 16.5"

Sisou6 • Original mixed media illustration on paper • 11.5 x 16.5 inches

Hand-signed by artist Jak Nola

Letter of Authenticity

Jak Nola

By combining sacred geometry, erotica, and ethereal psychedelic visions, Artist Jak Nola reveals a world as unique and capturing as her own appearance portrays. Swathed in layers of tattoo, her tongue bifurcation, tattooed eyes, and scarification render her own body an artwork in progress.

"I’ve drawn since I was very young, along with playing music. I’m self-taught in almost everything I do. My art has transformed immensely over the years due to life experiences and psychedelics. Generally, it’s a combination of geometry and sacred symbols, or sex... as I have a passionate love/hate for it. I’m aware of the immense positive and negative aspects to it."

- Jak Nola

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Original Mixed-Media Illustration on Paper

Hand-Signed by Jak Nola