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Danielle Coenen "Anyone Can Be No One Here" - Original Oil Painting - 36 x 48"

Anyone Can Be No One Here • Original oil and mixed media painting on masonite panel • 36 x 48 inches

Hand-signed by artist Danielle Coenen

Letter of Authenticity

Danielle Coenen

Danielle Coenen is a fine artist, oil painter and art instructor based in Boston, MA.

"Within each of these faces there is a pattern of creation and destruction, revealing and concealing. I’m drawn to the face because of its inherent psychological weight. Through the way that I paint, the expression I give the subject, features I highlight or conceal, a persona emerges from a process that reflects my own inner experience.

They are a base for me to visually and conceptually illustrate dualities. Visually I harmonize realism and abstraction, combining characteristics of paint and mark making. Conceptually, painting is where I enact what is relevant in my own life - accepting destruction as a catalyst for creation, allowing attachments and relinquishing them, and balancing intellectualism with spontaneous playfulness."

- Danielle

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Original Oil and Mixed Media Painting on Masonite Panel