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Lucas Beaufort "Baba" - Hand-Painted Skateboard Deck

Baba • Hand-painted pine skateboard deck

Hand-painted, signed and dated by artist Lucas Beaufort

Letter of Authenticity

Lucas Beaufort

Born in Cannes in 1981, Lucas Beaufort is a French visionary artist-painter living in a world surrounded by imaginary characters, kind but mischievous monsters, who help him build a positive image on the world and guide his choices every day.

"My name is Lucas Beaufort, I’m a French dreamer. When I was a kid I used to have a lot of nightmares. It can seem weird but all the monsters I was afraid of now became my friends. I’m a real skate rat. I love to spend time watching stuff on internet. There are so many things today, not easy to stay on top. I’m pretty nostalgic of the 90s. When a skate video came out it was crazy. I guess that what emerges from my art comes from the 90s."

- Lucas

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Hand-painted Pine Skateboard Deck

Hand-painted, Signed and Dated by Artist Lucas Beaufort in an Edition of 1

One of a Kind