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Lauren Napolitano "All, All Illusion" - Original Ink Illustration on Paper - 10 x 13"

All, All Illusion • Original ink illustration on found paper • 10 x 13 inches

Letter of Authenticity


Lauen Napolitano is a traveling mixed media artist creating anything out of everything.

"My work is about celebrating the handmade and the imperfections that come along with it. I am incredibly influenced by my mother’s Mexican heritage and I lean heavily on these ancestors as I create and gather inspiration. Using symmetry and traditional Mexican craft (tile, textile, wood carving) as my starting point, each line is truly unique, and any flaw is simply showing the beauty of the human hand. I find it important to achieve depth with simple lines and dots, taking something so simple and creating a complex world within. As a woman I love to explore bold lines while adding a clearly feminine mark, inventing delicate pattern work to incorporate a sense of balance through it all."

- Lauren

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Original Ink Illustration on Found Paper

10 x 13 Inches