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The 1960 United States presidential election in New Hampshire took place on November 8
John F. Kennedy swept the entire Northeastern United States, with the exception of the 3 upper New England states, although he was much stronger in New Hampshire and the result was much closer than in neighboring Vermont and Maine. Kennedy's most substantial victory was in heavily populated Hillsborough County, home to Manchester and Nashua, which he won by a decisive 58-42 margin.
House of Roulx has unearthed a series of original negatives from these influential stops on Kennedy's victorious campaign trail. The images capture a then MA Senator with wife Jackie framed by bold political signage illustrating support from the Granite State and documenting a different age where television was just an emerging tool and the public still had direct personal access to the candidates.
Modern Archival Pigment Prints
Digitally Mastered from the Original Negatives
Previously Unpublished
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