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JMikal Davis aka Hellbent "Quadratpych" - Limited Edition, 4 x Print Set - 8 x 8"

Quadratpych • Autographed archival pigment print set of four pieces • Printed on Moab Entrada Rag Bright 290 GMS archival paper • 8 x 8 inches each

Hand-signed and numbered by artist Hellbent in a limited edition of 25
*Note signature and number appears on verso of one print per set 

Authentic Edition rubber stamp on versos • Letter of authenticity


Hellbent was chased out of the South and found that New York City was the only safe haven in America. Upon arriving in the city, he hit the streets and found a job in photography; first as a printer, then as a photography assistant, and finally as a set builder for photo shoots. This prolonged exposure in the vapid and shallow world that is fashion photography killed any ambition the artist had to persue a vocation in the field, instead it nurtured a hate for the industry and promoted him to take up a spray can and destroy the very ads he worked on. Since then he has dedicated himself to the free expression of art in public places.

"I create art for the feeling when you lose yourself, time slips away and you're in it. It keeps me sane(ish)."

- Hellbent, Brooklyn, NY

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