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Felipe Ortiz "Light Post Series" - Original Acrylic Painting - 3.5 x 5"

Light Post Series • Original acrylic painting on archival paper, mounted to wood panel • 3.5 x 5 inches

Hand-signed withtitle and date on verso

Letter of Authenticity

Felipe Ortiz

"The multicultural upbringing and travels between my native Colombia and United States has and continues to help me gain and understand a wider perspective in my artistic interests. From Colombia’s vibrant culture, colors, sounds and dense natural scenery, to the States’ vast landscape and fast-paced urban environments, there are multiple elements I can pick from each location and merge into the pictorial and self-idealistic vision I'd like to represent."

Colombian born Felipe Ortiz focuses on the practice of painting. themes vary from industrial and urban landscape to abstract arrangements of nature and man made scenery. Color is a specific focus that plays a role in composition, and the way the viewer might perceive an image. Stylized and abstract colorful backgrounds balance the detail representational imagery often portrayed in his paintings. Felipe currently works and resides in the Boston area while making consistent trips to his native Colombia.

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