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Andy Warhol Signed 1975 Lithograph - "Mick Jagger 9" - 4 x 6"

"Mick Jagger 9" Signed by Andy Warhol in bold felt tip 

Signed 4 x 6 inch color offset lithograph, 1975
Additional Warhol and Jagger facsimile signatures and edition number in print plate

Original print number on verso

Printed by Studio Heinrici, New York
Published by Seabird Editions

Near fine condition

Letter of Authenticity

Andy Warhol's Mick Jagger Series

Mick Jagger is the infamous lead singer in British rock and roll band The Rolling Stones. He is depicted here bare-chested, playing up to Warhol’s camera. Warhol particularly liked Jagger’s photogenic, ‘bad-boy’ image and this work is part of a portfolio of ten screenprints of the star produced in 1975. He has incorporated blocks of irregularly shaped colour, which, although printed, appear like collaged fragments of coloured paper. In combining this with hand-drawn elements (also printed), the works appear more expressive than his earlier screenprints. The abstract quality of the blocks of colour shows the development of Warhol’s interest in more non-representational art that was emerging in the 1970s.

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