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Alexis Price "Awakening" - Original Oil Painting on Stretched Canvas - 24 x 30"

Awakening  •  Original oil painting on stretched canvas • 24 x 30 x 1.5 inches

Signed and dated on verso by Alexis Price

Letter of Authenticity

Alexis Price

Surrealist oil painter Alexis Price creates a vivid and provocative body of work that encapsulates a contemporary phantom duality. Light and dark, beautiful and hideous, Yin and Yang.  Her detailed oil paintings of sexualized feminine creatures express what it feels like to be both savage and delicate. Nasty and good. Roaring lions and wolves ejecting from a tiny frame. Alexis often uses herself as a model-pulling from her own experience of living life as a 4'11" woman struggling to be heard.

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