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"You Know My…" Steez Magazine No. 35

It’s no secret that I’m an avid enthusiast of printed matter in all of its forms, so it’s only natural that I’m no stranger to the efforts Steez Magazine has been consistently putting out over the last 8+ years.

They’ve run features on two of my good friends and Brick Records recording artists, Esoteric and Moe Pope,  and they’re based on the North Shore in Mass, which is where I grew up. My barber, "Big" Jay Mower, who has what appears to be every issue on his waiting table, connected Andy, Michael, Joe and I at a drop party at his shop. We bonded over mutual interests and they expressed some ideas regarding a possible collaboration. I originally thought they would want me to do a custom logo, or even a cover piece, so I was honored and humbled when they asked me to be the first guest editor and curator they’ve ever invited into the fold.

They gave me carte blanche and their full support. It was a great fit. Their staff is amazing. They do things the right way. They go the extra mile. They gave me a much needed outlet to not only show some of my own career portfolio, promote my current House of Roulx projects and design some custom work, but more importantly, to assemble some of the most talented and deserving people I know. Everyone more than delivered and I couldn't have asked for better results. So here we are - Steez Magazine #35. Andy keeps saying it's a milestone issue. All I know is we put a lot into it so I hope you can take just as much from it. 

My shout out list alone could fill every page so I will simply thank everyone at Steez, my overly supportive family, my infinitely talented group of friends and peers, and especially, you.


- Trevor


From Steez Magazine:

We’ve teamed up with Trevor KARMA Gendron to guest curate our milestone 35th issue. Trevor has designed some amazing one-of-a-kind custom limited edition packaging to accompany the signed and numbered 250 artists copies. The packaging also comes with several other exclusive collaboration items from featured artists and sponsors of the 35th. Packaged in a clear hanging collectors bag.

 Limited Artist’s Edition (250)

Hand-treated, cut, sewn and assembled denim slip cover
Back pocket includes Steez woven Label
KARMA x Steez 35th embroidered patch
KARMA x Steez Book Plate
KARMA Button pins x 3
KARMA Mini-Zine with exclusive graphics & art
Dave Eggers Sticker
Killer Bootlegs Signed Authenticity card with actual piece of toy mold
7L Mix Tape (Exclusive Mix featuring the music of the issue pressed on cassette)
Steez x Narragansett Lager Collaborative Leather drink coaster
Gold gilded Edge Magazine
Limited Edition Steez Sticker/seal

The feature interviews for the issue include:

Dave Eggers
Jen Uman
Alison Mosshart
George Dubose
Mr. Werewolf
DJ Jazzy Jeff
Killer Bootlegs
Trevor KARMA Gendron

Plus content contributions by:

Marc 'Trademarc' Predka
Star Foreman
JG Autographs, Inc.
Good Life, Boston