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For the Spring 2014 Issue of Steez Magazine I was fortunate enough to land an interview with the UK based artist, Tim Gresham aka Mr. Penfold. At the time Tim’s work was very illustrative and stood as this immaculate culmination of underground influence, melding elements of airbrush graffiti, skateboard art, comics, and hip hop. Drawing from these cultures Mr. Penfold developed a highly stylized aesthetic which he has was able to translate across a variety of mediums.


"When I first started I always wanted to design t-shirts. Coming from a skate background, t-shirt designs were always a big deal to me. Working as a printmaker helped me understand the boundaries and limits of screen printing, although my experience with print making has always been on paper. My studio work is very private, but when I go out painting walls its always with friends. I think if I was to paint on my own I’d take it too seriously. It needs to be fun and spontaneous.”

- Mr. Penfold, Steez Magazine Issue #31

Since then Tim has built upon a prolific catalog of work that seems to grow, and become more refined, on an almost weekly basis. By tapping into his extensive background in print making and love for abstract pop art, Penfold continues to dial in his craft with confidence and precision.
- Michael Connolly, 2016

 Click here to read the entire interview.

Stay tuned for the release announcement of our exclusive "House Special" series of originals and prints by Mr. Penfold.