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Meet the Brothers Hagan…

Australian artist Graeme Hagan began his artistic career as a child. Borrowing a brush and palette from his father, the critically acclaimed Robert Hagan, Graeme felt called to paint and continue the family legacy. Graeme is a graduate of The Southport School, where he was awarded an art scholarship for the senior years of his education.

Upon graduation, Graeme began exhibitions and tours around the world. His impressionist pieces have been featured across the United States, England, and Australia, among others. At a mere 27 years of age, Graeme is an established artist with studios in the US and Australia. Graeme feels great honour, privilege and obligation to continue the traditional impressionist style of art, paying homage to those who came before him.

Graeme’s influence in the Hagan Brothers’ art can be seen in the traditional techniques used in the art. His brother Jo, lends his artistic talents to more Pop Art contributions.

Australian artist Jo Hagan also began his artistic career as a child, although he has not stayed on the traditional artist path since that time. His diverse background, having studied accounting, worked in the mines and started his own fashion labels, have influenced his artistic style which is anything but conventional.

Jo’s contribution to the Hagan Brothers works clearly has more of a modern and contemporary flavour, re-appropriating commercial and commonplace imagery to send powerful and sometimes controversial messages. Jo, whilst also heavily influenced by the career and talents of his father Robert Hagan as well as that of his brother Graeme, has also been traditionally trained and has used this training to blend and harmonize traditional imagery with contemporary and modern art.

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