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"Niagara is the true femme fatale. As an artist and a rock star who's lived to tell about it, she's a modern day muse for all the down-and-dirtiest characters."
- Juxtapoz Magazine

While attending the University of Michigan in 1974, Niagara and Mike Kelley formed Destroy All Monsters that also included members of The Stooges and the MC5. The band, known to fans as DAM, was active until 1985, earning international recognition. Niagara would go on to front the Detroit supergroup Dark Carnival and currently The Hitmen.

Niagara utilized art school experience in creating album and promotional art for Destroy All Monsters, Dark Carnival, and other acts. Combining collage and pop iconography, Niagara's style began to take shape; razor sharp, focused on bold fluid lines, and holding the male gender accountable. She holds a vital role as a foundational block for the pop art movement.

"The Niagara Girl" -- in many guises -- represents feminist swagger with drop-dead-gorgeous looks and a dangerous demeanor. She offers hard-boiled, tough talking women who would rather dispatch a man than put up with rude antics. Her bold, colorful, comic-strip-styled dames in various scenes of malfeasance parallel the modern tone of Callie Khoury's Thelma and Louise. Common ancestors include pin-up girls like Bettie Page and the dark side of 40's and 50's film icons such as Bette Davis, Lauren Bacall and Jane Greer.

Niagara says of her creations “I wanted them to start saying what they are thinking, I wanted to see that mix of beauty and hardness in incredibly caustic women. And there is humor, you can see the humor.”

House of Roulx proudly presents Niagara's newest works as exclusive fine art prints. Each featuring her signature and edition number in her iconic style in strict editions of 25. "I'm Glad We Agree With Me," "Jazz Baby" and "Hello Kitty (Tallulah Bankhead)" are available now.

The original "I'm Glad We Agree With Me" painting is part of a private collection. The original "Jazz Baby" is currently on display at the Gauntlet Gallery in Los Angeles. The original "Hello Kitty," part of the Hello Kitty art exhibition at the Known Gallery in Los Angles was purchased by pop singer PINK as an addition to her personal collection.