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"The Resilient Ones": Bianca Romero's Solo Exhibition


WALLWORKS NEW YORK is proud to announce the first solo exhibition from artist Bianca RomeroThe Resilient Ones, on view now.

When asked about her inspiration for the show, Romero stated—"The Resilient Ones is inspired by the strength and resilience that we have as a society and our ability to rise up and shine even through the darkest times. Art and music are the soul of society, through 2020’s tough times and chaos, art and creativity have been a positive life raft for myself, as it has been for many others." 


Romero’s first solo exhibition, is a collection of work, encouraging and exploring the strength and resilience that can be found in each of us, even during the most chaotic and difficult of times. The Resilient Ones’ collection includes all-new mixed media pieces in a range of styles, including artworks made on found materials, subway ads, a mural, and more. Beyond this, Romero is excited to showcase collaboration pieces with graffiti icons Al Diaz (SAMO©) and CRASH. Exhibition subtitle “Everything You Ever Thought Would Occur Exists in Your Essence” quote is by and tributes Jason ‘Vice Verses’ Williams who was a staple in NYC’s underground hip hop scene and, host/co-founder of “End Of The Weak,” the longest-running weekly open-mic in New York City, and who passed away earlier this year. 


Bianca is a New York City-based mixed media artist, muralist, and Creative Director. She’s known for her bold and colorful art made of her unique hand-cut collage layered with wheat-paste, street posters, spray paint, and acrylic.

Romero’s artistic style is a direct reflection of her youth and multi-cultural upbringing being half South Korean and Spanish that was split between New York City and Connecticut suburbia. As a first-generation American, the clash of ideologies and cultures from these two very different worlds significantly impacted her world views. As a visual artist, heavily influenced by New York City’s diversity, its energy, and its vibrant and gritty graffiti art scene, her art is a visual interpretation of people's collective experiences. She uses mixed media collage as a visual metaphor for exploring personal identity and the collective pieces that make each person unique, allowing her the creative outlet to explore the human experience through her artwork.

 With a background in brand marketing and experience working at Experiential Creative Agencies for major brands, Bianca strives to merge her agency experience with her creative side and artistic abilities. Bianca offers an eclectic range of skill-sets from painting, creative production, brand marketing, event production, art direction, to art curation.