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Scott Listfield feature in Beautiful Bizarre Magazine


Our friends over at Beautiful Bizarre Magazine have a great new feature on Roulx alum and all around good guy Scott Listfield...check it below...


"A lone, space-suited figure wanders an abandoned planet, surveying the aftermath of the fall of a civilisation. The tell-tale footprints of industrialisation, the carcasses of capitalism and the dereliction of democracy announce that this is the Earth we are looking at. We are glimpsing a possible future which is as much of our own doing as it is of our own undoing. This is a future in which the cradle of life has been razed in an act of parricide by its proudest progeny, one which was naturally selected for the traits which gave it the survival-edge endowing it, ironically, with the capacity to bring about its own destruction but neither the collective commitment nor selflessness to avoid it. But all is not lost! The omnipresent Golden Arches still stand tall, reminding us that happiness is just a happy meal away, only now without the queues: even better.

This is the art of Los Angeles based painter Scott Listfield. Despite harbouring significant concerns about aspects of our present and our future, Scott has hope - hope that it’s not already too late to halt the slide towards the post-human dystopian scenes in his art – and so he perseveres with jolting us to our senses by figuratively poking us in the eye with his paintbrush and then catching our eyes with his figurative paintings."