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Nicole Gordon Helps Feed Chicago



I am releasing a pair of limited edition prints next Monday and all my proceeds will benefit a wonderful organization: Feed-Chicago. (

Each edition will consist of 35 signed and numbered prints for $100 each. There will be 5 hand-embellished versions for both images for $150 each. The two prints can be purchased individually or as a set. The original paintings, "I Go Where I'm Led" and "A Blip on This Cold Grid" were created side by side as a diptych so hang beautifully together.


Once again, I am working with the incredible, hard-working print shop House of Roulx so your purchase will also help a small business stay afloat. The prints will be for sale directly through their website, on Monday April 27th at Noon, EST.

Here is a bit more information about Feed-Chicago and the important work they are doing:

Feed-Chicago feeds those who need it most when times are hard. We do this by restoring restaurants and service workers to provide delicious food, packaged safely and delivered with care, to heroes on the frontline and heroes facing the greatest hardships. This helps increase food demand, enabling farmers and food suppliers along the way.

Thank you for your support!

- Nicole