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Nick Zaremba: "Whimsy and Wonderment" Summer Solo Exhibit, Cape Cod, MA

Nick Zaremba
"Whimsy and Wonderment"   

  Alias Gallery
64 Main St. Orleans, MA  

Gallery Hours held by Nick in attendance: 
Friday July 12th 4pm-8pm  
Saturday July 13th 10-7pm (opening 5-7pm)  
Sunday July 14th 10-6pm  

  Show Statement  

 Presenting "Whimsy and Wonderment" a solo exhibition by Nick Zaremba. This collection of paintings, drawings, pottery, and wood sculptures invites you into a world where imagination reigns, and the ordinary becomes extraordinary.  

Zaremba’s work is a vibrant exploration of whimsy and wonderment. His intuitive process embraces spontaneity and happy accidents, resulting in pieces that are both playful and profound. Bold colors, dynamic forms, and intricate lines create compositions that challenge viewers to see the world through a lens of curiosity and delight.  

Each painting is a dreamlike landscape, each drawing a whimsical story, and each sculpture a tactile invitation to engage with the unexpected. Zaremba transforms the mundane into the magical, encouraging us to find joy in the fantastical.  

We hope you enjoy this journey through Nick Zaremba’s whimsical world and leave with a renewed sense of wonderment and inspiration.  

Artist Bio 

 Nick Zaremba (b.1979) is a Massachusetts-based (Cape Cod transplant) artist with a diverse creative portfolio encompassing graphic art, illustration, painting, animation, video creation, print publication, and site-specific murals.  

His artistic expression boldly intertwines playfulness and whimsy with a deep psychological and emotion-based foundation, drawing inspiration from pre-internet passions like skateboarding, DIY culture, urban aesthetics, nature, counter-culture, and cartoons. This synthesis results in a rich tapestry of emotions and psychological depth in Zaremba's work where process weighs heavily most often over finished product.  

Having exhibited his pieces in various locations across the United States, Canada, and Hong Kong, Zaremba's art has found homes in prestigious collections, including Takashi Murakami's Superflat Collection.  

In addition to his personal pursuits, Zaremba has had the privilege of collaborating with renowned companies such as Pepsi, Vans, Converse, Bodega, Toy2R, Grillo's Pickles, Cisco Brewers, Endstate, and Neiman Marcus, among others.