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KEO X-MEN on the history behind his "Fulton" piece

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"In 1979-1980 I used to walk Fulton Street in Brooklyn to get to Junior High School everyday. The bus that ran along the Fulton Mall was bombed, often with full color pieces. SIKO TB and KIK NSG were two of the names that stood out. KIK would often do these sunflower designs in his pieces, and SIKO would flip his “O” into a face, or an 8 Ball, or a bomb. Years later when I would talk about the buses, most people looked at me like I was crazy. I searched for photos with no luck, so I decided to try and recreate that memory as best I could. R.I.P. to SIKO NSG."

- KEO, 2020

KEO X-MEN (a.k.a. Lord Scotch, a.k.a. Scotch 79), is a Brooklyn born and bred artist/designer and legendary graffiti writer with the iconic NYC X-Men crew. He is a renowned and ofter mythologized underground figure, (touted as the first "white" rapper in New York City; influencing incarnations of many Hip-Hop groups in early to mid-80s), and is also celebrated for his creative direction and illustration for album packaging especially for MF DOOM's infamous "Operation Doomsday" full-length and the design of DOOM's first physical mask.