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Jeremiah Kille explains his Davenport Pier mural

A direction that I would like to take my art is appropriating abandoned man made structures or objects, primarily in natural settings. Up the coast from Santa Cruz is an abandoned pier where all is left is 14 foot tall pilings. The three structures extend out into the Pacific and are an interesting reminder of the ephemeral lives that we live. Everything that we create or build comes to an end sooner or later. I find structures like this to be fascinating, they tell a story, a story of those that have come and gone before us. 

A year ago I finally made the trek up the coast to paint the first piling of the three. I think that objects like this can make an interesting canvas and interact with the natural space creating a commentary of sorts. I told Chris about the project and he was super keen on the idea of shooting a short edit of the project. It was the absolute most dreamy couple of days ever, it was fall and it was super warm and there was a huge swell that made it difficult to paint the structure but made for some dramatic shots. To this day this was my favorite project that I’ve done, no deadlines, no paycheck attached, nobody giving me their creative direction. Just me on my ladder in a beautiful place painting with my friend Chris.

- Jeremiah