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Felipe Ortiz: "Explosive Nature" Solo Exhibit

Felipe Ortiz: "Explosive Nature"
Solo Exhibit
Rugosa Gallery

Ortiz’s detailed figures burst from their backgrounds and express the rich biodiversity of flora and fauna in Colombia, Boston, Cape Cod and beyond. He merges elements of migration, adaptation, species migration and environmental concerns in acrylic often in a large-scale format.

"The 'Explosive Nature' concept developed after a series of trips to my native Colombia after being away for 14 years. In my personal reencounter to Colombia, I developed a closer appreciation for the color, movement, and richness of tropical natural settings, its biodiversity, and the varied adaptations of native and indigenous communities across areas. I also often visit US national parks and reservation lands to document migratory birds. From the three main US waterways, numerous species embark upon a long journey of seasonal migration in search of more formidable habitats, a re-occurrence that caught my attention during my travels. It’s interesting to see the adaptation of these species to their natural surroundings. Adaptation is something that we as humans (a traveling and migratory species) normally experience as well." - Felipe


Opening Reception: Earth Day - April 22, 5:00 pm, EST
On View April 22 - May 12
Exclusive Limited Edition Print Suite from House of Roulx

 The Rugosa Gallery aims to help art come alive in a nontraditional gallery experience. The collection will feature a rotation of exhibits where artists are granted creative control over the presentation of their ideas and the messages they convey. Rugosa Gallery hopes to inspire the viewer in providing a welcoming environment and creative hub where like minds can come together and celebrate the arts. 
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