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Don Rimx & Marka27's Wynwood Mural for Art Basel, 2022

Don Rimx & Marka27's New Wynwood Mural for Art Basel, 2022

"It’s always an honor to collaborate with my brother Don Rimx. This is what happens when Puerto Rico and Mexico come together!" - Marka27

Don Rimx and Marka27 have come together once again on the streets of Miami to paint a new collaborative mural in Wynwood during Art Basel 2022.

“Luchando Por Mi Patria” translates to 'Fighting for My Homeland' and represents Latino artists Don Rimx and Marka27 who currently call the U.S. home (Miami and Brooklyn). Each is heavily influenced by American cultures like graffiti and Hip-Hop, but have never forgotten their roots from Puerto Rico and Mexico.

They continue to blend traditions while paying homage to their respective heritage. Don Rimx and Marka27 highlight legendary Luchadores – José Huertas González aka "El Invader" hailing from Puerto Rico, and heavy hitter Alejandro Muñoz Moreno aka "Blue Demon” from Mexico. They chose Luchadores because similar to graffiti artists they have alter egos and fight to be the best in the game.

Each artist has fought through struggles and have overcome the challenges of being looked at as outsiders in this country and the art industry. They continue to fight for control of their narratives and push boundaries through street murals, paintings, and art installations.

We hope to inspire industry leaders and artists to keep an open heart and mind when choosing who to work with and how to continue adding diversity and equity to the art industry.

House of Roulx's print edition of “Luchando Por Mi Patria," signed by both artists and limited to just 50 pieces will be available next Thursday, December 15th exclusively from